‘Finale’ nominated for six awards at Filmquest

‘Finale’ has been nominated for no less than six awards at the American film festival Filmquest 2019.

Filmquest is situated in Provo, Utah, USA, and runs from september 6th to 14th. ‘Finale’ will be screening on monday the 9th.

The six nominations are in the following categories:

Best director, Søren Juul Petersen
Best actress, Anne Bergfeld
Best supporting actress, Karin Michelsen
Best supporting actor, Damon Younger
Best make-up, Martin Hansen & Romina Alvarez Schultz
Best costumes, Malene Karenkewitch

‘Finale’ is based upon my novella ‘All The Things She Wished She Didn’t Understand’ which can be found in English as an e-book most everywhere, and in German titled ‘Finale’ both as e-book and paperback.

Filmquest is the eleventh international film festival to screen ‘Finale’. Before this, ‘Finale’ has won the Best Feature Award at the HorrorHound Film Festival, Cincinnati, USA, Best Feature – with a hope of survival at the DROP Film Festival, Moscow, Russia, Best Horror Feature at Motor City Nightmares, Detroit, USA, and Anne Bergfeld won Best Actress Award at Horrant Film Festival, Athens, Greece. Besides those four awards ‘Finale’ was also nominated in the Méliès Competion at the BIFFF Film Festival in Brussels, Belgium and made the Official Selection at FrigthFest Film Festival, Glascow, UK, Filmlinc Scary Movies XII, New York, USA, Macabro, Mexico, Night Visions, Helsinki, Finland and Fantafestival, Rome, Italy.

Visit Filmquest here.

Read more about the book here.

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