So, how does it feel to have your book filmed?

So far, I have had two books filmed. ‘Kat’ back in 2001 and ‘Finale’, based upon my novella ‘All The Things She Wished She Didn’t Understand’, and like many writers before me, to be filmed was an almost impossible dream to begin with.

Still, when I wrote ‘Kat’, back in my early 20s, people around me were joking about me ever believing it would be published. ‘Kat’ was my first attempt at writing a novel. And I had trouble spelling my own address. That didn’t stop me from dreaming, and I even had the leading actors in mind, as I wrote the book: Young female Hollywood stars of the early 90s: Winona Ryder and Bridget Fonda.

The two films based upon my books: ‘Kat’ and ‘Finale’

Of course, not all dreams come true. ‘Kat’ was published in 1995, and filmed in 2001, however not by Hollywood and there were no major stars in the film. Danish actors Liv Corfixen (maybe best known for being the wife of director Nicolas Winding Refn) and Charlotte Munck (later the leading actress of the tv-series ‘Anna Pihl’) got the parts instead.

But it was filmed.

Time have teached me that that really is something. Several of my books have been sold for filming over the years and I have learned that selling movie rights is one thing, getting filmed is something completely different. I guess, one in maybe twenty or even twenty five movie projects make it to the actual filming.

So, feelings like impatience or even despair is a major part of the first (and too often only) steps of being filmed, followed by a feverish excitement in the rare case when the film is actually being made.

Then it’s a mix of exitement and a whole new selection of more troubled feelings. I have been lucky to be allowed to follow the work on both films rather closely. I have been on the sets, I have read the scripts along the way – and even participating in the script writing here and there, and I have been allowed to make a tiny cameo in both movies. And all that is of course thrilling to be part of. To see an old idea that once only existed inside your own imagination being the base of a real motion picture is of course an honor.

But still, it’s not all fun and excitement. To be honest. Because, along the way they change stuff in the story, and no matter how they do it, or if it even makes the story better to everyone else, it still feels a little like rape to you. You can tell yourself to act adult and you do, because this doesn’t happen to everyone, and you know it, and on top of that, if the movie becomes a hit it has the power to change your life like nothing else. But it’s hard at the same time, and at some point you realize that eventhough the story, the characters, everything came from you, it is no longer your work. It’s the director’s. A few sleepless nights is part of being filmed. Or worse.

I didn’t really like the movie ‘Kat’. I felt like most of the original feel and even the point of the story was lost. And eventhough several attempts to film other of my books followed, it was a long seventeen years wait until the next film was actually made. Luckily, I really like the new one, ‘Finale’, it has got the gritty feel of the book, the nerve, the stage loving torture clown. Things have change but the feeling is still there. It feels like my movie.

I am grateful for that.

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