Why didn’t I get a rat like Stephen King did?

The other day, I was searching Amazon for something to read. For some reason I ended up browsing through Stephen King’s books. I have to admit that I rarely read King anymore but I was thinking that maybe I should consider giving some of his newer books a chance? So there I was. Browsing Stephen King books. And there, among them, I spotted one of my own books. Or I thought I did. It wasn’t, really, it just had the same cover. The book was Stephen King’s novel ‘1922’, published by Scribner in 2017.

There was an old house on the cover, below some red text. It was the exact same cover picture as can be found on my audio book ‘Huset’ (‘The House’) containing three short stories from my collection ‘9 før døden’ (‘9 before death’). The audio book was published in 2009 by the small Danish publisher BogLyd, eight years before this edition of ‘1922’ was released. At least, my book was published first, I guess. However, Stephen King appears to have been given a rat on his cover which isn’t on mine which is kind of sad, as rats do play a major role in my short story.

This is actually the second time the same thing has happened to me. As I mentioned before, the audio book ‘Huset’ contains three short stories, all part of my collection of short stories ‘9 før døden’, published by the largest Danish publishing house, Gyldendal, in 2001. On the first edition, it had a great greenish cover that I loved with a row of waterfilled graves illuminated by a full moon. I really loved that cover. So did my editor. It was only years later that I learned that the same cover had also been used on a Black Sabbath album in 2000.

Out of my 25+ books, it’s a bit weird this happing twice to (more or less) the same book and not to any of my to my knowledge to any of my other books. But there you go … the world doesn’t always make sense.

Still, why didn’t I get that rat when Stephen King did?

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