Old tools

Excerpt from my gruesome torture novella Finale:

Then the doors swing open, and the clown appears in the doorway. He stays there for a while, looking from one to the other, before he closes the door and moves to Belinda.
Agnes wriggles her hands to get a sense of how close Belinda got to untie her hands. It’s not even close. Only the rope around her left hand appears to be a bit looser than before.
The clown grabs Belinda by her long hair, and pulls her out on the middle of the floor. He’s got a bag in his left hand. An old doctor’s bag. Something scrambles about inside the bag as he drops it hard on the other chair.

My old red iMac. My most precious writing tool in all of my career. I bought it back in 2002 and wrote all my books on it for the next nine years. Among those, The Informer, Codename Panzer, In the Shadow of Sadd and Finale as the last one before it was time to get a new computer. I still have the old red iMac down in my basement. For some reason I can’t get myself to throw it out. It’s like an old friend.

So many thoughts, ideas and dreams have been keyboarded into that thing over the years. So many feelings. Stories fuelled by tender feelings, dark fears and sometimes faith. Finale, however, was fuelled by anger. But that’s another story that I might tell you some other time.


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