Extra material in the German edition

The brand new German edition of my novella ‘Finale‘ comes with some extra material incluced in both e-book and paperback: The two short stories ‘Metro‘ and ‘Einbruch‘.

That makes ‘Einbruch‘ the first of my short stories to be available in both German, Danish, Spanish and English. It’s even something as rare as a second-person narrative.

Those short stories are NOT included in the English edition to be published on Friday. However, if you want to read them in English, you can, as they have both been published in English already, and they are free. ‘

Metro‘ can be found on Amazon, Apple, Smashwords and most everywhere. ‘Break-in‘ so far only on Booktrack.

Finale‘ is a short and rather revolting novel or novella of torture and dread. If you like movies like ‘The Texas Chain Saw Masacre’, ‘Saw’ and ‘Hostel’, maybe this could be something for you to read. If you don’t like short novels or any of those movies, then maybe not. It’s not for everybody. You have been warned. It’s kinda gross.

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