Agnes Birkemose’s bloody name tag. A detail from the cover of the Danish first edition of ‘Finale’.

Excerpt from my soon-to-be-published novella ‘Finale’:

He flicks the lock on the backside of the name tag, making the long needle spring open. “The most important thing in showbiz, Agnes Birkemose, is to get your name out there. You name is your brand, your trademark. It’s all about printing that name into the minds of your audience. Nothing’s more important than that. You know that, don’t you?”
Paralyzed, Agnes has stopped struggling to free herself from the ropes. She hardly breathes.
“Your brand,” the clown says tenderly. “I’m holding your brand in my hand, Agnes. However, in this show, nobody’s watching me.” He laughs. “Not with two beautiful and topless girls in the same room. Not a chance. Belinda?”
“Would you be so kind as to place Agnes’s brand where everybody will notice it?” He holds the name tag before Belinda’s face, waiting, until she reluctantly receives it. Then he steps back. “Place it.”

I never liked author branding. I never felt comfortable being one. I always had this urge to challenge whatever brand people forced on me. It felt like some sort of prison to me. Like I had struggled all this time to make it, only to find myself as a prisoner of my own creation. I guess, those feelings found their way out writing ‘Finale’.

‘Finale’ will be published in English on May the 25th, and in German on May the 14th.

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