Messy Business reviews ‘In the Shadow of Sadd’

I accidentally stumbled upon a review of ‘In the Shadow of Sadd’ on a blog called ‘Messy Business’. The blog is written by author Jason Beech.

He wrote:

“There is tons to love about this [In the Shadow of Sadd]. I like the rain-drenched atmosphere and the claustrophobia it creates, keeping these people hunched inside a van, an apartment, a house; all desperate in some way. It’s impressive that this feels like the work of one author, instead of four, using a different voice for each character, but keeping the tone of the whole consistent. All four chapters hurt my stomach, worrying about the outcome, knowing what a bastard Jimmy Sadd is, and how he likes to hurt people for the fun of it.”

Click here to read the review in full.

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