Lost in post-production

Back in October 2015, I announced that one of my books was being filmed. The movie, based upon my award winning novella Alt det hun ville ønske hun ikke forstod, was to be called Finale and was set to premiere in Danish theaters around Halloween 2016.

Well, that didn’t happen.

When I made the announcement in October 2015 the movie had already been shot, partly on location at a small gas station outside Copenhagen and in a film studio in Lyngby, and the raw material was already in post-production. Nobody expected there to be any reason for the film not to be ready for Halloween. However, it wasn’t.

A teaser poster for the movie, Finale.

I do not have a lot of info about why it wasn’t. I only know that is was delayed and then delayed again and then again. Halloween went with no premiere. Then the hope was a premiere in spring 2017, and that didn’t happen either.

Now, I guess, the aim seems to be a premiere maybe late 2017 or early 2018. Maybe even later. I don’t know. I am just the writer of the original material, the novel the movie is based upon, I am not the first to know. I am getting a little impatient by now but then again there is nothing to do but wait.

At this point, an English translation of the novella is almost ready to be published. It’s really just waiting for the movie. I will get back to this, soon, I hope.

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