Two novellas in one book

Sabotage contains both Sabotage Group BB novellas, by the award winning author Steen Langstrup: The Informer & Codename Panzer

The Sabotage Group BB novels are a pair of rapid and raw crime noir tales about one of the darkest times in the history of Denmark. The German occupation 1940 to 1945.

Steen Langstrup’s work has been translated into several foreign languages including Swedish and Spanish, his books have been filmed, ‘Kat’ (2001) and ‘Finale’ (2016).

‘The Informer’ was nominated ‘Best Nordic Crime Novel’ of the year and selected one of the best 36 books ever for a relaxing read on the beach by the major Danish newspaper Berlingske.

“Do yourself a favor – if you’re looking for killer crime fiction from an author you may not have heard of before – check out Steen Langstrup.  He’s a talented guy with some serious chops as a writer.”
Bestselling American Crime Author Dan Ames

‘A dense, psychological and realistic thriller. Read it!’
Bestselling Danish Crime Author Jesper Stein Larsen

‘The author of fifteen novels, Steen Langstrup was unfamiliar to me. Based on this novel, THE INFORMER likely won’t be the last for me. The man knows how to tell a story and showed me a bit of history about WWII … Recommended. Should be on a lot of reading lists. Well worth the modest price.’ —American blog Not The Baseball Pitcher.

‘Outstanding noir novel.’  — The Danish newspaper Politiken.
‘This book is more than important … This is a book you simply can’t put down, you will read it all the way to the end once you have opened it.’  —The Swedish newspaper Piteå-Tidningen.
‘An absorbing read. The classic game of chess in literary form … a surprising blast of a well-constructed and juicy ending.’  —The Finnish magazine Ruumiin Kultturi.

“He can still write the asses off most competitors and put some perspective to many happy amateurs of the genre.”
Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.



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