Interview with Steen Langstrup

Interview with Steen Langstrup

Interview on the  Free Ebooks and Those Responsible For Them blog.

“At the time I wrote The Informer Denmark had troops involved in actual war for the first time since World War 2. We did have troops or ships around in past conflicts, but not in combat, and not as part of an occupying force. With my book I wanted to remind the reader that there is no romance in war, there are no heroes. It is not about good fighting bad. War is about surviving. War leaves marks on the souls of those who fight it. War brings out the worst in people, and tend to attract some of the worst kind of people as well. AND what we really needed to remember was that the more brute force the occupying forces use (that be torture, random killings, dissappeances, you name it!) the more fierce the resistance will become.”

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