FINALE, behind the scenes

Karin Michelsen who plays Belinda in ‘Finale’ smiling through her make-up wounds.

One of the exciting things about having a book filmed is to visit the movie set and see the characters that was born in your own imagination come to life in the shape of talented actors.

When a few of the scenes in the film ‘Finale’ were shot at a location here in Copenhagen, I was happy to be there.

Those scenes where shot behind the old B&W shipyard. The shipyard was closed many years ago, however the large buildings are still there and are being used for different purposes. If you have ever been to Copenhagen, you may very well know the place. It’s the large buildings across the water from The Little Mermaid statue that most turists visit.

It was a sunny evening. We were joking. The actors in full stage make up, clamps in their faces and smeared blood everywhere. I have always admired the way actors one second can just be themselves, and the next second, when the camera starts rolling, be someone completely different.

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